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Jeremy Copeland: who are Anderson I and my reader, David Anderson? David Anderson: Anderson: well, I am a married man and soon to be father of two twin boys. I have a creative mind--I am a man who changes and believes in the world! I advocate for what our country needs.Jeremy Coppland: three words that best describe you as a person. Jeremy Coppland: when did you first realize that men were sexually attracted to you? David Anderson: anderson: i noticed that men were attracted to 7th graders. I think it happened to a friend of mine which was very nice. We started talking more and more and it somehow evolved in the relationship. Jeremy Copeland: Tredarius Anderson did you meet your current husband? David Anderson: Anderson lived in the same city as me through Tredarius Anderson. We were together one night and got loose in front of my parents house until 4 am!

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The couple in the episode, David Harris and Tredarius Anderson, were described as perhaps "the youngest black gay couple in America." Are David Harris and Tredarius Anderson the youngest African-American couple to marry? Tredarius Carr (91) DL - played in 7 fall games and recorded 6 tackles with 2 tackles for loss. Groomsmen Tredarius Anderson and David Harris are both 19 years old. The couple were married in front of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington. Images of David Harris and Tre Darius Anderson X, including Freddie Anderson of Memphis, Tennessee - Arrest Records - Court Records - Marriage & amp; ; Divorce Records - Birth and Birth Death Records - Police Records - Search Warrants. David Harris and Tredarius Anderson were both 19 years old and were married in Washington, D.C.

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While Americans are starting to pack their suitcases and take flights to the beach and bars for their spring holidays, the U.S. government is warning all those heading to Mexico to stay away from six dangerous states. The State Department has issued the highest possible warning of some areas of some of America's southern neighbors by drug cartels, a potential threat to American tourists. The "Do Not Travel" warnings have been issued in six of Mexico's 32 states because of crime and lures n Robert Almonte, a former U.S. marshal for the Western District of Texas, told News Nation, "There are cartels in these resorts. Sergio Armando Orozco Rodriguez, also known as "Chocho," is allegedly a member of the Jalisco New Generation cartel, which is blackmailing local businesses for a conservation fund for its hometown of Puerto Valalta, a popular spring holiday destination. According to the U.S. Treasury Department, Chocho and his minions have been washing away his drug proceeds through a narrow relationship with nightclubs and restaurants along the city's central lanes. The cartels are responsible for the movement of "a significant percentage of fentanyl and other deadly drugs entering the United States," according to the Treasury Department. Anthony Wayne, former U.S. ambassador to Mexico, says the practice of money laundering through hosting services is well established and a good mechanism for making it appear legitimate. Of Mexico's 32 states, only two are currently registered in Campcece and Yucatan, the State Department's lowest level of "routine precautionary measures," a popular tourist country that includes holiday hotspots such as Tulum, Plai Del Carmen, and Cancun Kidana Roto currently has two "high-profile" warnings. Almonte believes it is time for American tourists to stop visiting Mexico until the cartel problem is controlled.

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