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Mark Pomerantz writes about his frustration with attempts to launder money to post money to Stormy Daniels. It has reportedly been reported. The Guardian received a copy. Bragg and Pomerantz, bursting at the seams during the Trump investigation, exchanged spikes in the media. On the page, Pomerantz lists a number of issues on which he says New York prosecutors are considering possible indictments against Trump, including tax suits, ties to financial institutions such as Deutsche Bank in Washington and Ladder Capital Properties in Chicago, and leases in the Trump Tower in Manhattan. Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, claims that news of the payments became known to authorities when Trump was president. Trump compensated Cohen for the payments, but it was revealed that only Cohen paid the legal price because violations of campaign finance laws contributed to a three-year prison term. Trump was never indicted. In his book, Pomerantz writes that the payments came to be viewed as a possible money laundering offense.

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